History of Rogina Water Co.

Rogina Water Co. was started in 1947 by Frank Rogina to provide water service for homes on the hills east of Ukiah. A well was drilled in 1947 on property by the Russian River at elevation of 620'. A small concrete tank was built on the top of the hill at an elevation of 920'. Water was distributed to customers by gravity in 2" to 8" steel water lines. Over the years these facilities have been replaced with new and larger facilities.

In 1948 - 1949 application was make with the California Public Utilities Commission to sell water for domestic and irrigation customers. A franchise area was granted to the company with rules and regulations in decision #42766. Over the years this franchise area has grown to 7 miles long by 3 miles wide. The system has 5 wells, 4 large tanks for 1.3 MG of storage, 2 booster systems and over 30 miles of main lines made of steel, asbestos cement & plastic. There are 977 domestic customers, 13 irrigation customers, 3 fire lines and 141 hydrants.

All water services are metered and are read each month. The sizes of meters are from 5/8"x ¾” to 2". Water pressure ranges from 30lbs to 140 lbs.

The water is treated with liquid chlorine for disinfecting and orthophosphate for corrosion control at the tanks before distribution to the customers. Water quality meets all State Department of Health standards. The water supply permit is #2310002.

Rogina Water Co., Inc. is a corporation with Dan Rogina and Robert Rogina as principal owners. There is a manager, maintenance and meter reader person, secretary and part time helper. The company uses 3 trucks, backhoe, pumps, and small equipment for new work and repairs. Small job s, services, leak repair, and maintenance are done by the company's employees. Large jobs are bided out to contractors.

The water supply for the company is sufficient until the year 2050. In the interim the company is planning on new wells in the Talmage area. Water conservation is done by bill inserts and water saving yard brochures to new homes. Rogina Water Co., Inc. has grown over the years with the development of new homes, and water service to areas with little water on the eastside of the Russian River. The company plans to build and expand with growth in this area.

Rogina Water Company Inc.
Daniel D. Rogina/ President